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Mud N’ Gears is an Indonesian-English community collective passionate about exploring Lombok’s most beautiful but hard to reach locations.

Together, we travelled the island to create a collection of (secret sauce included) Lombok dirt bike adventures, enduro rides and multi day dirt bike holidays to show off our island’s diverse terrain, community and cultural curiosities.

We’re serious about riding extraordinary places, but we’re just as serious about having a blast. We know that the best adventures come with a side of laughter and so our tours are always sprinkled with spontaneous challenges, infectious humour, and plenty of epic photo ops. 

gear up for the adventure.

Whether you’re a seasoned rider, intermediate or a beginner, our team adapts each of our Lombok dirt bike trips for your skill level.

Don’t miss out on the ultimate dirt bike adventure. Book a ride to discover why Lombok is a dream destination for lovers of off road adventures. 

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the team

Collectively our close-knit team knows Lombok trails better than their morning coffee routine.  We bring a wealth of knowledge, infectious enthusiasm, and years of experience tearing up trails and hitting competitions. Riding with us, you don’t just get guides – you get trail buddies who’ll make your Lombok dirt bike adventure unforgettable.

We want our community to thrive, so we pay fair wages, offer profit sharing, and sponsor our team’s participation in dirt bike and enduro competitions.


to our guests

lombok dirt bike tour
“Great day tour! We were a group of 4 and had a great experience with Mud N' Gears. Staff was friendly and competent and the bikes were in good conditions. Highly recommend it"

Basile | Advanced | France
“I’ve done two trips with this crew - very professional. They are caring and focused on your safety, so you come back safely with an awesome experience. Great bikes and safety gear, incredibly knowledgeable crew that take u to unforgettable spots in Lombok."

Stan | Intermediate | Australia
“We were welcomed with coffee and all the gear was already prepared. Full suit, helmet and gloves. The staff was really great ant helpful! The trail was insane!! Quite challenging. After a while we had lunch at the waterfall and took a swim. A bit further another dip in the blue natural pools. We will go for another amazing day!”

Coen | Intermediate | Spain
“Awesome experience, really skilled guide and fun level maximum. I was a complete beginner at dirt biking but the team took a lot of time to teach me. A highly recommended activity if you like sports and adrenaline.”

Caroline | Beginner | Germany
“WOW what an experience.. so many terrains and degree of difficulties. The team absolutely cater to your riding abilities and diet.. Big Smiles all round"

Owen | Advanced | Australia


from lombok's trails

Get inspired by our collection of Stories from our guests, our riders, our Lombok.

Kick back, relax and ride into the stories that make Mud N’ Gears trips more than just a Lombok dirt bike tour – but a friendly, messy, unforgettable journey.

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