Rides for Intermediates

Intermediate trails are for those with experience off-road riding. An intermediate rider is someone who knows how to control a bike with gears, has experience riding off road dirt bikes, and does so at least a once per year. 

Trails for intermediates are a mix of moderately challenging terrain, including steeper inclines and downhill sections, rough paths, and stoney sections, uneven tracks, tree roots, thick forest and stretches that contain multiple obstacles linked together. Intermediate trails lead through diverse landscapes, providing both thrills and opportunities to enhance riding abilities.

Multi Day
motorbike vacation indonesia
Advanced Intermediate

panoramic lombok- 5D/4N

From scenic coastal views to thick jungle paths and steep mountain trails. Experience a mix of vibrant culture and endless panoramas on your journey.
Multi Day
enduro tours
Advanced Intermediate

all around the island – 7D/6N

Dive deep into lombok’s entirety with thrilling trail rides, jungle exploration, cascading waterfall dips, multiple island visits and raw picturesque scenery.
Multi Day
one day trip lombok
Advanced Intermediate

The Wilderness – 6D/5N

Dense jungles and majestic mountains to cascading waterfalls and serene islands. Each day brings new challenges and breathtaking scenery.
Multi Day
enduro tour rinjani lombok
Advanced Intermediate

Mountain Motions – 4D/3N

Expect a blend of rich culture, dense jungle, and raw coastal rides and views spanning for miles.
Multi Day
Lombok Excursions
Advanced Intermediate

shore to shore – 3D/2N

Rev up for a three-day dirt bike adventure from kuta lombok exploring jungles and cliffs, and onwards to pink beaches. 
Full Day
Dirt biking tours
Advanced Intermediate

Gunung Tunak Tracks

A mix of coast, jungle, mountain, and beach terrains and stops in Gunung Tunak National Park.
Full Day
lombok tours
Advanced Beginner Intermediate

South Coast Trails

Trails and beach stops amongst the dramatic scenery of Kuta Lombok, Selong Belanak and Torok.
Full Day
dirt biking day trip
Advanced Beginner Intermediate

Jungle Thrills

Lombok dirt bike tour through dense jungle, plus waterfall and blue lake stops for swimming.
“Great day tour! We were a group of 4 and had a great experience with Mud N' Gears. Staff was friendly and competent and the bikes were in good conditions. Highly recommend it"

Basile | Advanced | France
“I’ve done two trips with this crew - very professional. They are caring and focused on your safety, so you come back safely with an awesome experience. Great bikes and safety gear, incredibly knowledgeable crew that take u to unforgettable spots in Lombok."

Stan | Intermediate | Australia
“We were welcomed with coffee and all the gear was already prepared. Full suit, helmet and gloves. The staff was really great ant helpful! The trail was insane!! Quite challenging. After a while we had lunch at the waterfall and took a swim. A bit further another dip in the blue natural pools. We will go for another amazing day!”

Coen | Intermediate | Spain
“Awesome experience, really skilled guide and fun level maximum. I was a complete beginner at dirt biking but the team took a lot of time to teach me. A highly recommended activity if you like sports and adrenaline.”

Caroline | Beginner | Germany
“WOW what an experience.. so many terrains and degree of difficulties. The team absolutely cater to your riding abilities and diet.. Big Smiles all round"

Owen | Advanced | Australia

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