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what’s my level?

When it comes to off-road dirt biking, skill levels can vary greatly, and riders are often categorised into three main levels: beginnerintermediate, and advanced. Each level represents a different set of skills, experience, and confidence on various types of terrain. On our Lombok dirt bike adventures, we add in a fourth category – First Time Riders, these are people completely new to motorbike riding.

Understanding these levels is crucial for both riders and us in order to choose appropriate trails and challenges, especially in diverse landscapes like Lombok.

First Time riders receive motorbike riding lesson and introduction to dirt bike controls. Our experienced instructors take the time to teach fundamental skills such as throttle control, braking, and body positioning. On the track, they also provide guidance on how to navigate different types of terrain and handle common obstacles. With personalised instruction and support, travelers looking for a dirt biking taster and/or motorbike riding lesson in Lombok can quickly gain confidence and start enjoying off-road adventures.

Beginner riders are typically new to off-road biking or have limited experience, but they understand the controls, and the fundamentals of riding a motorbike on road. They may still be learning basic riding techniques, such as throttle control, braking, and balance. Trails suitable for beginners are usually well-maintained with smooth surfaces and gentle slopes. In Lombok, beginner riders can expect to tackle fairly flat trails beside rice fields, uneven dirt trails, shores with condensed sand and tracks with some obstacles.

Intermediate riders have developed basic riding skills and are comfortable handling a variety of terrains. They can navigate moderate obstacles like rocks, roots, and small inclines. Trails for intermediate riders in Lombok may include more challenging jungle paths with tighter turns, uneven surfaces, and occasional steeper sections. Coastal trails with soft sandy stretches and dunes can also provide an exciting ride for intermediate-level riders.

Advanced riders possess high level riding skills and are capable of handling technical terrain with confidence. They are capable of navigating difficult obstacles, steep climbs, and rough terrain. On our Lombok dirt bike adventures for advanced riders, you’ll tackle rugged mountain trails with rocky surfaces, deep ruts, and sharp switchbacks. They can also explore remote areas with dense vegetation, tricky river crossings, and challenging ascents and descents.

Lombok offers a diverse range of terrain suitable for riders of all levels. Beginners, intermediate and advanced riders can enjoy scenic rides along coastal paths, through rice paddies, and the outskirts of the jungle. Or explore deeper into the jungle, encountering more challenging sections and natural obstacles. Advanced riders have the opportunity to test their skills on demanding trails with an abundance of challenges.

Regardless of skill level, safety is always be a top priority on Lombok dirt bike adventures. On our trips, we always provide appropriate protective gear and ride within our guest’s limits. By understanding the different levels of off-road riding and the terrain they entail, riders can choose experiences that match their abilities and make the most of their adventures in Lombok’s stunning landscapes.

In the realm of Lombok dirt bike tours, it’s not just about the thrill of the ride—it’s about forging a deeper connection with the soul of the island and creating a collection of memories to last long after the engine has fallen silent.

Get your jungle thrill – Join the adventure!

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